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Design Tips To Help You Design An Eye-Catching Trade Show Booth

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Most people who book a booth at a trade show for their business are looking for potential customers or clients. However, if your trade show booth doesn't have a design that attracts attention, you're missing out on leads. Fortunately, designing an eye-catching trade show booth isn't as difficult as you might think. Check out these tips to learn how to set up a booth that draws potential customers right to you.

Booth Colors

The first step to designing an awesome trade show booth is coming up with a killer color scheme. You need a color scheme that makes your booth stand out from all of the other booths without being so overwhelming that it isn't appealing to the people walking through aisles. Unfortunately, there isn't one special set of colors that will make your booth successful, but there are a few things that you need to consider when creating a color scheme for your booth.

  • If you choose to incorporate several bright colors into your design, choose a neutral main color so that people aren't overwhelmed by a multitude of vibrant colors. Black, gray, and white are all neutral colors that will make the bright hues you're using stand out well.
  • If you want a fresh, clean look white is a great option. However, white doesn't grab your attention the way bolder colors do.
  • You shouldn't choose a medium shade of a color to use as your booth's main color. Choosing a medium shade of a color will cause your main color and your accent colors to blend together, and you want to create a look that pops. Instead, opt for a light or dark shade of your main color to highlight your accent colors.

Business Signs

If you don't include business signs in your display, people walking by won't know what company your booth represents. Not only can you use business signs to display your company's name and logo, you can use them to relay important information to potential customers that you might not have met. In addition to creating a large vinyl banner that displays your business name and contact information, you should consider placing smaller signs around your booth that tell your customers about product pricing, event-only sales, and any upcoming promotions that you're planning for your company.

Digital Displays

Showcasing a digital display is a great way to attract people to your booth, because it gives your booth a more high-end feel. While it's nice to have some sort of interactive digital display to promote consumer interaction, you can easily create a simple digital display. All you need to do is create a slideshow that highlights things, such as testimonials or products results. Then, you can use a small flat screen or a digital photo frame to display the slideshow at the event.

Designing a trade show booth doesn't need to be difficult, but you do have to take a lot of different things into consideration. Whether you're creating the booth design yourself or you're hiring a trade show design company to help you design a professional-looking booth, makes sure you come up with a great color scheme and use items, such as signs and digital displays, to help you create a booth design that appeals to the trade show attendees.

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